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Strap Pro Chalk - 1 Pair

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Pro Chalk's Strap was developed by those who seek a higher performance in some activities, where your grip may slip, or may not be strong enough. The Strap helps you on these situations, relaxing your forearm and focusing on a beter physical activity.

Main Features

- Helps with pulling exercises;

- Allows for better focus on your exercises;

- Allows for a more efficiency and stronger grip;

- Makes it easier to lift heavier weights;

Where to use

The Strap is ideal for those who need to pull or lift weights, without losing their grip due to a higher load, or for those who need more focus on their activities.



- Crossfit

- Powerlifting 

- Strongman / Strongwoman

- Functional training

- Bodybuilding

How to use

Pro Chalk's Strap can be used in many ways. The most basic is to simply run the tip of the strap inside the "tie", after that, roll it on the bar, bumbbell or equipment, until the object stays firm and stuck tied into your hand. We recommend you to roll the product on your non-dominant hand, because it makes it easier to roll. You can do everything by yourself.


Product information

Composition: 100% cotton. 

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Crossfit, Weightlifting, LPO, Strongman, Functional Training, Bodybuilding
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