Kit Pro Chalk Stand + Gym Powder Chalk 3.3 lbs + 2 Chalk Balls 2.1 oz

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Keep your chalk in a safe and convenient place to use

Kit containing 1 Stand for powder chalk + 3.3 lbs bucket of Gym Powder Chalk + 2 Chalk Balls

The Pro Chalk Stand - Stand for powder chalk is the ideal product for those who need to

use chalk in a quicker and and easier way . Its inox container, reinforced base and

amazing galvanized steel grants an amazing look.


The Gym Powder Chalk acts on completely absorbing swet and skin oiliness, keeping your

hands dry to improve your grip, avoiding making it slip.

The Pro Chalk's sports magnesium is a product of the highest quality and has been used

by the best athletes from several sports all over the world.

This is a kit containing a Powder Chalk Stand and a 3.3 bucket of Gym Powder Chalk.


The Pro Chalk Refilable Chalk Ball is made with a special fabric that releases chalk onto

your hands at just the right measure, in an easier and more practical way, with less dirt

and no waste. It comes filled with 2.1 oz of Chalk, with a practical recharge system that

allows for its reload several times.


Main Features
- Quick and practical use
- Less Dirt
- More organized and clean

Where to use 
Perfect for those who often use chalk at gyms, training boxes, clubs or large groups. It goes

works perfectly with powder chalk and the chalk ball.

How to use
The product arrives disassembled, however, its assembly is really easy, all you need are

a few minutes to completely assemble the product.

Product information
Height: 3.28 ft
Base: 15 inches
Height of the container: 5 inches
Diameter of the container: 13 cm
Material of the container: Inox
Material of the base: Galvanized steel
Made in Brazill
Package: Cardboard box

PRODUCT: Pro Chalk Stand - Stand for powder chalk
SKU: 910-001+110-015+2x130-001
GTIN/EAN: 7898956175520
WEIGHT: 17 lbs
PACKAGE: Cardboard box
HEIGHT: 100 cm
WIDTH: 37 cm
DEPTH: 37 cm

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Crossfit
Type Powder
Content 3,3 lb
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