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Pro Chalk Rosin Grip Spray - 2 oz - 60 ml

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Rosin Liquid Spray is suitable for any activity that requires strong adherence.
Based on natural resins, it forms a thin sticky and adherent film that aids in
the grip of hands, surfaces, sneakers, objects, among others.

The Rosin Grip Spray is used in many areas that require an extremely strong adherence with a glue aspect in its grip. It's also used as an anti-slip for shoes in sports, activities or even objects.

Natural resins based.


Main Features

- Excellent fixation and adherence

- Fine sticky layer  

- Practical and quickly applied

- Anti-slip for every type of shoe


Where to use

Ideal for many activities and sports that require a strong fixation and hand adherence.


How to use 

To use it as an anti-slip for shoes, all you need are 2 or 3 sprays at the sole of your shoes and wait a few seconds to dry. To use it for fixation, Apply a small amount on each hand, fingertips and objects that you may use and wait a few seconds to dry. 

After the use, we recoomend using the WAX REMOVER to remove the glue from your hands and objects. In case of irritation of your skin, suspend its use immediately. Avoid contact of the product with your eyes. If it happens, wash it on running water and seek medical attention. Non-toxic product. Keep it away from excessive heat and moisture..


Product information

Composition: Natural waxes and resins, alcohol, water, colophony and adherent agents.   (Non-toxic product) 

Formulated in the United States, Made in Brazil 



PRODUCT: Rosin Grip Spray Pro Chalk - 60ml

SKU: 220-060

GTIN/EAN: 7898956175384

VOLUME: 60 ml 

PACKAGE: Bottle with a spray valve  

HEIGHT: 13 cm

WIDTH: 2 cm

DEPTH: 2 cm

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Pole Dance, Olympic Gymnastics, Tennis, Handball, LPO, Strongman, Futsal
Type Liquid
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