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Pro Chalk Premium Powder Chalk - High Performance - 9.0 oz

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FINE is a product for athletes looking for efficiency in their hand grip and prefer a thinner looking Magnesium. Made with a special magnesium of high purity and extreme absorption power, it acts on the complete absorption of sweat and oiliness of skin, not letting your hand slip.

The Pro Chalk Premium Powder Chalk - High Performance acts on a more effective swet absorption, leaving your hand dry and with a better grip. With a threaded pot that facilitates transport and a more fine powder appearance, the Premium Powder Chalk is ideal for athletes who prefer a more fine appearance.

Made with magnesium specially selected with extreme absorption power, Premium Chalk completely absorbs swet and hand oiliness.

Pro Chalk's sports magnesium is of extreme quality, used by the best athletes from several sports all over the world.


Main Features

- Sweat reduction with quick perspiration absorption

- Better grip on your hands

- Security and precision on your activities

- Prevents hand injuries

- A more fine powder appearance

- Threaded pot to facilitate transport and individual use

Where to use

Ideal for athletes in sports and high performance activities that demand extreme absorption. Individual use and ideal for those who prefer a more fine powder appearance.

How to use

To use it correctly, apply a small amount of the product on your hand, rub both of your hands and clap to get rid of the excess.
The ideal amount and frequency of use may vary according to each person's perspiration. This product, due to its small size
package, is ideal for individual use .
Do not ingest. Non-toxic product, safe for both adults and children.
Keep it away from moisture and excessive heat.

Product information

Composition: special selected magnesium carbonate treated.  (Non-toxic product) 

Formulated in the United States, Made in Brazil 

Package: 9.0 ounces in a threaded pot to facilitate transport and individual use.. 

PRODUCT: Pro Chalk Premium Powder Chalk - HIGH PERFORMANCE - 9 ounces pot

SKU: 111-255

GTIN/EAN: 7898956175308


WEIGHT: 9 ounces

PACKAGE : Threaded pot 

HEIGHT: 14 cm

WIDTH: 10 cm

DEPTH: 10 cm 

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Climbing, Crossfit, Pole Dance, Olympic Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Tennis, Shooting, Handball, Strongman
Type Powder
Content 8,8 oz
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