Pro Chalk Handball Wax - 17.6 oz

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The HANDBALL WAX is a product for the handball athletes seeking to
improve the grip of the balls in their hands, allowing for better handball
passes and throws or in any sports that requires extreme grip of the
balls or objects with their hands.

The Handball Wax is the famous handball glue or, as many call it, handball wax. Very famous

among handball players, it currently became an indispensable product between handball

players. A few years ago, it was seen only among professional players, but nowadays is

viewed as indispensable even for amateur and recreational players. Its main goal is to

improve ball adherence on the athlete's hand, allowing for better passes and throws on

handball or any other sport that demand object adherence with your hands.



Main Features

- Excellent grip on balls and other objects
- Strong adhesive power
- Perfect viscosity to facilitate use
- Eases passing and throwing with effects


Where to use
Speacially ideal for handball athletes, but also much used in activities or sports that

demand a strong adherence on your hands, such as strongman, strongwoman and



How to use
To correctly use it, apply a small amount of the product on your fingertips and rub them

gently in order to homogenize the glue between the fingers. After its use, we recommend

using WAX REMOVER to remove the glue from your hands and objects that you touched.

In the case of irritation on your skin, suspend the use. Avoid contact of the product with

your eyes. If it happens, wash it on running water and seek medical attention.

Non-toxic product, keep it away from moisture and excessive heat.


Product information
Composition: Natural waxes, oil and colophonium. (Non-toxic product)
Formulated in the United States, made in Brazil

PRODUTO: Pro Chalk Handball wax - 17.6 oz
SKU: 200-500
GTIN/EAN: 7898956175360

WEIGHT: 500 grams / 17.6 oz
HEIGHT: 10 cm
WIDTH: 10 cm
DEPTH: 10 cm

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Pole Dance, Olympic Gymnastics, Tennis, Handball, LPO, Strongman, Futsal
Type Cream
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