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Liquid Chalk Pro Chalk - 2.65 oz Tube

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Pro Chalk's Liquid Magnesium was developed to facilitate application, reduce dirt and further improve the absorption of sweat in the hands.

it has a form of skin protection, the form of a much greater amount of applications during activities.


main features

- Gain time and agility with increased application cycle

- Ultra fast drying, average of 8 seconds

- Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial action

- Less Dirt

- Sweat reduction with extreme absorption

- Improved grip of hands and fingers

- Safety and precision in your activities

- Avoid hand resolution


How to use

Shake well before use, apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, rub onto your hands and blow on for instant drying, or wait about 8 seconds for the product to dry completely. After use, close the package tightly to prevent the product from drying out.

Do not ingest. Non-toxic product, if the skin is irritated or injured, burning may occur in the region, but it is safe to use even in these cases due to its anti-bactericidal power. Alcohol-based product, keep away from fire and intense heat and humidity.


Product information

Composition: Magnesium carbonate, glycerin, zinc stearate, silica, sodium, calcium, starch, stabilizers, alcohol, water, colophonium, fragrance, adhering agents. (Non-toxic product)

Formulated in the United States and manufactured in Brazil

Packaging: Tube with 75 grams, ideal for individual use with low frequency of applications.

More Information
Brand Pro Chalk®
Modalities Climbing, Crossfit, Pole Dance, Olympic Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Strongman, Functional Training, Bodybuilding
Type Liquid
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